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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the printer warranty be voided if I use a different brand of ink?
A. Absolutely Not! Please see all of the lengthy details at But, we'll keep it short and sweet. The manufacturer of your printer cannot void your warranty for use of compatible products. It violates the Warranty Improvement Act, Title 15 Commerce and Trade, Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties, Section 2302 Read more
Q. Does other ink clog my inkjet printer?
A. Unless you are using a re-filled product (very different from a re-manufactured products), which by the way - we don't do like refills either; you will not suffer from oxidation of your printheads. A print head is a separate component in the printer and over time it will trap air. Ink will not ... Read more
Q. Why won't my printer recognize a different cartridge.
A. Well folks, the cold hard truth of the matter is that your OEM ink will cost you more than the printer. The printer has a chip that searched for an OEM chip. If you install any other brand of ink (again we're not talking about those oxidated refills that we have nothing to do with) you can easily allow your printer to accept premium compatible brands by doing the following:

  1. Leave the cartridge in your printer.
  2. Do not power off. Leave your printer on.
  3. Unplug the printer for 20 seconds (and twenty seconds ONLY, well 23 will be OK too).
  4. Plug it back in and turn the printer on if it does not automatically power up.
Q. What if I have something I purchased that is not working?
A. Call, email, send us an instant message, use our fillable form; but whatever you do, DO NOT throw it away. We always back our products with a 1 year, replacement warranty. We probably want the bad one back so we can have the manufacturer do a quality test and discover the flaw, but call us first.... Read more
Q. Can I reuse an older cartridge?
A. That depends. Printers that take INK cartridges are liquid based systems. The ink and the seal dry if you remove the cartridge for more than a few hours. In TONER based systems, you're as good as gold. It's all, dry powder therefore you can remove an old toner, put in a new one, then put the old ... Read more